In the port of Nakhodka began building large floating dock

Construction of large floating dock began in the seaside town of Nakhodka.

Welding is the first of these experts today completed the Nakhodka shipyard, pier length of 70 meters will be made available East petrochemical terminal that crosses different liquid chemical cargo in the port of the East.

According to the director of the terminal Andrei Kravchenko, originally commissioned to build a floating dock to be located in China or the Republic of Korea, as it is believed that overseas cheaper and faster to build. Had a tender, it won Nakhodka Shipyard.

"Today, floating berth ready, I can say that we are completely satisfied and construction schedule, and quality construction," — said Kravchenko. 

Now at Eastern petrochemical terminal moored vessels of up to 5 tons. With the installation of a new floating dock to be able to approach it transports 45-50 tons deadweight. Turnover at the terminal with a 1.3 million tonnes per year will increase to 2.5 million tons.

In recent years, the NCRP, except for ship repair, has mastered the construction of a variety of objects made of metal. In particular, the plant was conducted to build a giant bridge spans the Golden Horn Bay in Vladivostok and the same bridge from Vladivostok on the Russian island.

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