In the port special economic zone Ulyanovsk-East started construction

August 21 at the site of the port special economic zone adjacent to the airport "Ulyanovsk-East" was inaugurated infrastructure construction poetry.

During the years 2013-2014 is planned to provide infrastructure in the territory of the Special Economic Zone of 120 hectares and carry out design work for the additional territory of 214 ha. After the erection of fencing Special Economic Zone will be built and the road network, the objects of communal areas and customs infrastructure. In the spring of 2014 plans to begin construction of buildings and structures of communal areas, customs terminal and three checkpoints: automotive, truck and aircraft.

Complete the construction works for the first phase of port special economic zone in 2014.

At the moment, residents of poetry is six companies: Ltd. "FL Technics Ulyanovsk", LLC "Aircraft Factory" The Knight ", LLC" ADA-Rus "LLC," Interavionika "," Volga-Dnepr Technics Ulyanovsk "and CJSC" Ulyanovsk-PROMTEKH. " Total volume of investments declared residents — 6.7 billion rubles. Annual tax deductions for reaching full production capacity will amount to 595.7 million rubles. The first six residents of the Special Economic Zone with the development plans will create 2,212 new jobs. 

According to experts, the year 2032 is planned to be provided by the Government of the Russian Federation in the area of 640 ha. It supposedly will be located about 100 companies with a total number of employees more than 17,000 people. Investments of private companies will be more than 60 billion rubles., And revenue — more than 20 billion rubles.

In the framework of the solemn event dedicated to the start of construction of the infrastructure of poetry, as it was announced start of construction of a logistics center resident PSEZ Company "ADA Rus' for storage of spare parts and components for aircraft maintenance activities.

"According to our plans, all 120 hectares of the Special Economic Zone will be filled in infrastructure by 2014" — said the head of the branch of "special economic zone" Denis Baryshnikov. Also, during this period is scheduled to perform the design work for the additional territory of 214 ha.

"This project has a special meaning for us, because thanks to the port area of our region is given a fair chance to enter into the system of global cooperation and access to the global market of aviation and aircraft industry, finishing with up to 30% of aircraft maintenance in the CIS, — stressed Head of region Sergey Morozov. — In addition, the port special economic zone is an important part of the regional aviation cluster. And it surely will bring entirely new opportunities for co-operation of its members, the amount of which today have grown up to fifty. "

"Of course, the port area will open a whole new way, not only for economic but also for the social development of the region. Allows us to create new high-paying jobs that will help both employ our residents and attract skilled workers from other parts of the country," — said the governor.

Start of construction of infrastructure PSEZ will embark on activities not only existing residents, but will also provide an incentive for the arrival of new investors to the region. General Director of CJSC "Ulyanovsk Promtekh" Dmitriy Shevelev noted that their company is fundamentally important to get out as quickly as possible to implement the project, which is directly dependent on the timing of the construction of the infrastructure of poetry.

In parallel to the construction site will be released and the first resident of the port special economic zone "Ulyanovsk-East" — the company "Rus AAR." August 9 they received permission to build a storage terminal class for the organization of supply and storage of spare parts and components for aircraft maintenance activities, as well as other products in the Special Economic Zone "Ulyanovsk-East." The Executive Director of "AAP Rus" Mikhail Vinogradov said that for them is a great honor first of residents to build on. Proceed to the construction and installation works resident plans in late August 2013, and in the 4th quarter the company plans to begin design work on the center of the MRO.

Just poetry, "Ulyanovsk-East" six resident companies. Ltd. "Aircraft Factory" Hero "speaks with the project production and maintenance of aircraft DHC-6 Twin Otter; LLC" Volga-Dnepr Technics Ulyanovsk "will carry out maintenance and repair of wide-bodied aircraft and ramp, LLC" FL Technics Ulyanovsk "- Maintenance and repair of single-aisle aircraft, LLC "AAP Rus" — will create a logistics center and service center of western aircrafts. LLC "InterAvionika" plans to organize the production, repair and maintenance of aircraft instruments and ZAO "Promtekh Ulyanovsk" will create in poetry production aircraft electrical cables. Total volume of investments declared residents of 6.7 billion rubles. Enterprises of the first six investors, including development plans, will create 2,212 new jobs.

SEZ in Ulyanovsk today is the only airport in the Russian special economic zone on the territory of which the enterprise will be created for the production and maintenance of aircraft, as well as to develop logistics and wholesale goods.

On the territory of this unique platform to create an attractive investment environment and business development of the aviation industry. Ready infrastructure, tax incentives, available land, free customs zone regime, the availability of personnel and administrative support, which are available in the Special Economic Zone, reduce costs investors for projects of up to 30%.

SEZ — national network of special economic zones, which is engaged in the development of the management company JSC "SEZ", its sole shareholder is the state. The project is implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

Out of 17 SEZs under the management of JSC "SEZ", 6 specialize in the development of industrial production, technological innovations on 5, 4 on the development of tourism and recreation business, 2 on the development of port and logistics and transportation hubs. JSC "SEZ" was created in 2006.

In the special economic zone of Russia attracted more than 340 investors from 23 countries. Among them are multinational giants such as 3M, General Motors, Armstrong, Yokohama, Itochu, Air Liquide, Bekaert, Rockwool, Novartis, Nokia Siemens Networks and others. The volume of announced investments of residents exceeded 400 billion rubles.

Port special economic zone "Ulyanovsk-East" was established in accordance with the Decree number 1163 of the Government of the Russian Federation of 30 December 2009 on the territory of the Ulyanovsk region. Area Special Economic Zone will be the first phase of 120 hectares, and in the future will be increased to 640 hectares. In this area, will develop three main activities: the production of aircraft, maintenance, repair and modernization of aircraft, logistics, warehouse operations (aviation hub), wholesale trade. In addition to the existing infrastructure and low rental ra
tes for land, residents of Ulyanovsk Special Economic Zone shall be exempt from payment of customs duties and VAT on goods imported into the territory of a particular area due to the Russian border, and also receive a number of tax benefits. In particular, for 10 years, residents enjoy a reduced income tax rate (2%) and do not pay transport and land taxes, and during the 15 — property tax.

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