In the Primorsky district of Arkhangelsk region has opened a new FAP

On the island Kego in the municipality "Voznesensky" opened a new FAP. He will serve six towns: Zakharov, Kyarostrov, one Head, Gnevasheva, Kurgan.

According to the head of the Primorsky district of Yuri Serdyuk, the decision on the construction of FAP was made due to difficulties in servicing the island's population. The fact that the people of Ascension had to seek medical care in health facilities or October district of Arkhangelsk in the Maritime central district hospital. And it's uncomfortable, especially for pensioners and children. But now almost 500 people can get help on the spot. The building is constructed of FAP several modular units for the convenience of people with disabilities item has a ramp. According to the chief doctor of the Maritime CRH Sergei Korobeinikova, the contractor performed the work and in time. The new building with modern equipment and furniture, and fully complies with all regulations. In addition, if FAP provides well-maintained two-bedroom apartment.

After the opening ceremony of the first paramedic took FAP patients.

All within the framework of the modernization program in 2012 in the area of the planned construction or acquisition of 15 medical stations.


Kego Island is divided into two administrative areas. The southern part of the island with the village Kegostrov refers to the October district of Arkhangelsk, and the north — to the rural settlement Voznesensky Primorsky region. Service radius of the new FAP — 3.5 km. Population — 463 people, including 70 children under the age of 18 years.

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