In the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg opened a new kindergarten for 180 children

The grand opening of the first building of the kindergarten number 64 was held on February 2. Kindergarten will be able to take 180 kids in five nurseries and pre-school groups 5. All rooms for groups have separate bedrooms, pantries, toilets and changing rooms. It is important that the room 1st floor equipped with a "warm floor".


 The main feature of the kindergarten number 64 — the use of new equipment in cooking technology. Special device — steamer — replaces the broiler, oven and steamer. Cooked foods retain their nutritional value and weight. A function to reduce the cooking time considerably facilitates the work of cooks and saves energy.

In addition, institutions are equipped with a swimming pool, sports and music halls. There are some out there and walking areas for groups and outdoor playground with a special coating.

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