In the ranking of ICT Russia came close to EU countries

In 2011, Russia has risen to 2 lines up in the World ranking IDI («ICT Development Index"), a stay at the ranking by 38 positions between two EU countries — Portugal and Slovakia. These data are contained in the report of the International Telecommunication Union, "Measuring the Information Society", reports portal CNews.

"ICT Development Index" — is integral rating, created on the basis of 11 indicators that characterize one of three areas: openness of access to information technology, the extent of their use (prevalence) in everyday life and the economy, the skills of the population using them.

According to the report, in 2011 the world saw the continued growth and almost universal adoption of ICT, especially in the area of broadband services. The key trend that defines today face the broadband market, is the growing popularity of mobile broadband and gradual "coming out of fashion" fixed-line technologies. For a growing number of people, especially in developed countries, namely mobile devices are becoming the main way to access the Internet.

It is noteworthy that this indicator Russia closer to the developed countries: in our country, the penetration of mobile broadband is growing faster pace. By 2013, every two Russians will use your cell phone (smart phone or similar device) for fast access to the Internet.

"The increasing exponentially the amount of traffic carried in cellular networks, operators will require effective solutions that maximize the use of existing network capacity, investment in infrastructure development and introduction of innovative technologies based on LTE, — says CEO of GC" Russian Business Systems "Alexander Mavrodiev. — Mobile Internet users — people with "mobile" lifestyle, which is important to get the right information, communicate with friends and family without being tied to a particular place, at any time. Many of them — the car owners, lovers of travel and leisure. Given consumer preferences, competitive advantage in the market may be the provision of high-quality and seamless mobile Internet services along key highways and trails. " 

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