In the Republic of Sakha GGES launched the first of 300 kW


This event energy were six years old. In 2006-2007. on the order of "Jakutskenergo" Company "TSNIDI" (St. Petersburg) has created a prototype gas generator GGEU-100. Then, in 2008, signed a contract for the design and manufacture of a prototype gasifier power plant GGEU-200, equipped with electronically controlled gas-diesel generators to ensure their ability to parallel operation. By 2011, in the village of ISITO were completed installation, commissioning and testing began gasifier power plant GGES-300.

Feature of the plant is the use of a radically new generation based on the gasification of solid fuels.

GGES includes a gas generator, electric modules and module preparation and supply of fuels. The first one consists of two gas generators, in which the gasification of the primary fuel. It also includes a filtration system, and product gas heat exchanger where the product gas is cooled before being fed into the piston engine. The proposed technology has significant advantages over direct burning of fossil fuels. The resulting thermal processing of carbonaceous raw fuel gas has a calorific value 1100-1250 kcal/Nm3 and used as fuel in internal combustion engines.

Work planned power plant No. ISITO in diesel mode in the winter, and in the gas-diesel — in the summer. Gasification of wood waste (wood chips, sawdust, shoots are removed when clearing the glades) will replace up to 70% (55 tce) of diesel fuel in a single season. In addition, the station will significantly increase the reliability of power supply of the township, replacing the old DES, which was located in the zone of flooding that caused the flood period interruptions of electricity supply.

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