In the river Komissarovka Sakhalin released 3000 yearlings Sakhalin taimen

The program for the restoration of this Red Book species resumed experts FGBU "Sakhalinrybvod" after a 15-year hiatus.

In the spring of last year, producers have been caught in the lake Tunaicha near the mouth of the river Komissarovka. Producers kept in tanks until full maturity, and after taking eggs and milt released back into the lake in a living form. Fertilized eggs, larvae and then kept on the Okhotsk fish hatchery. After the fry have used their supply of nutrients in the yolk sac, they were released into the pool, where fed by automatic feeders to fry not accustomed to humans.

Before releasing juveniles, ichthyologists, a thorough examination of the river Komissarovka and neighboring rivers. Arrived Commission examined fry, did not find any signs of disease, and authorized the issuance. Butterfly net with a soft delyu fry fished out of the pool, transplanted in double plastic bags with water and inserted into the containers, packages added to the oxygen from the container and taken to the place of issue.

After the release of taymeshata immediately lined up heads against the current and well highlighted with light blue backs against the river soil. But after an hour they could not be seen — they are scattered, finding shelter and even slightly changed color.

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