In the search for a national idea: project selection the main symbols of Russia (lots of pics)

We often hear the idea that Russia needs a national idea. This idea should be such that it united the citizens of the country, became a kind of base for the development of inter-ethnic and inter-religious relations. However, while the theses on the Russian national idea have not found the real shape, and the very notion of "national idea" in the country, which is home to about two hundred different ethnic groups does not look unique. Of course, a certain field for the overall development (from economy to culture) could have become a unified Russian media, and here the word "Russian" is understood in its broadest sense. This is what we do for the last couple of decades are used to divide itself on Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Kamchadals, Chechens and others, but our foreign "partners" such a penchant for fine differentiation are not affected: Russian and Tatar for them, and Udmurt, and Georgians with Ossetian.

And each time touching on the issue of the national idea in Russia leads to a rather heated discussion. If the idea of unity is denoted by "Russian idea", then a certain number of persons it immediately starts to cause rejection. Attempts to explain that the Russian world — this is not a territorial entity in which living representatives of Russian nationality, but something more — from a large variety of culture to the way of thinking does not always end on a positive wave. So search for some fundamental principles cementing Russian society continues, and it has a direct bearing on the holding RTR, which is the second time the Russians offers project associated with the choice of a particular character Russia.

Under the cut a lot of pictures.

In 2008, RTR together with "species" were in the Russian project "Name of Russia". Then viewers, radio listeners and Internet users urged to vote for the most important figures in the history of Russia. Russians enthusiastically embraced the project. The turnout of millions of people, and they were not the only citizens of the Russian Federation.


It is worth recalling that in 2008 the opinion of the jury and representatives, shall we say, a people divided. The jury, after much discussion, decided to allocate space in the project "Name of Russia" as follows: third place — Peter Stolypin, the second — Alexander Suvorov, first decided to give the two personalities — Alexander Pushkin and Alexander Nevsky.

The people thought differently: Third place — Joseph Stalin, the second — Peter Stolypin, the first — Alexander Nevsky.

Although that project and was presented as an unambiguous search project of the national idea in Russia, but had by that certain prerequisites. Assess the outcome of the project "Name of Russia" is difficult, because no subsequent development of the idea of separation of the most prominent historical personalities have not received.

But now VGTRK decided to continue his undertaking, only this time in a slightly modified way. This time, the company together with the Russian Geographical Society, whose head is Sergei Shoigu, spend a great contest"Russia 10". In this competition are asked to select the top 10 Russian sights. In this case, the organizers of the projects make a reservation, that "Russia 10" — is not no competition in individual regions, and the attempt to draw the attention of the Russians on the cultural values that are so rich Russia. The essence of the multimedia project is to project participants themselves told each other with the help of photographs and descriptions of Russian architecture, sculpture, landscape and other attractions. According to the organizers of the contest, it will be to bring together Russian and demonstrate a special beauty inherent in each of the regions, to promote the development of domestic tourism in the country. After all, it must be confessed, often we do not even know what is literally next door to us there are amazing places that deserve more attention than exotic overseas bank.

The competition takes place only a few days, but for some or other symbols Russia has cast a vote for more than 900,000 users. Speaking on the interim results, they are as follows (percentages are indicated by county voters).

Central District. LeaderThe Cathedral of Christ the Savior(13% of the vote), then —Smolensk fortress wall(10%), in the top three —St. Basil's Cathedral(6%). Closes the top ten districts of Moscow Kremlin (3%).

Northwestern District. The leaders of the historical and cultural complexKizhi(13%), second and third place in the voting members sharePeterhof(8%) andThe Solovetsky archipelago(8%). Closes ten — Kenozersky National Park (3%).

North Caucasian District.Ingush complex of towers "Vovnushki"(29%)Derbent fortress Naryn-Kala(23%)Tower Egikal in Assa Valley Ingushetia(8%). 10 of the City of the Dead closes Tsoi-Pede in the Chechen Republic (2%).

Southern District. Leader —Abode of Buddha ShakyamuniElista (28%), followed by — AdygMountain Fischtwith waterfalls and underground lakes (22%), in the top three "winners" —Mamaev Kurgan(Volgograd) 18%. Among the top ten — Lake Elton in the Volgograd region (1%).

Volga District. First place — natural complexShihany(Bashkortostan) (13%), the second —monument to Salavat YulaevUfa (8%), the third —Raif Virgin Monastery(8%). 10th place at the Chkalov stairs in Nizhny Novgorod (4%).

Ural region. The leaders —Tobolsk Kremlin(18%)Nevyansk tower(17%)tract "Thresholds"(17%). Closes ten here White Tower Yekaterinburg (2%).

Siberian District.Lake Baikal— First place (23%), the second —Reserve "Pillars"Krasnoyarsk Territory (14%), the third —Novosibirsk Zoo(9%). At the bottom of tens — Circum-Baikal Railway (2%).

Far Eastern District. First Place —Cable-stayed bridge in Vladivostok(14%)Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka(12%)Island Putiatina(8%). On the tenth place — Vulcan Daddy on Kunashir (4%).

Voting continues. It is hoped that this project will achieve its objectives and more talk about the Russian Russians themselves. The project is capable of making everyone think about the immense cultural heritage, which was handed down by our ancestors. But to preserve and increase this heritage — is not a national idea? ..

PS Details of voting (interest) may vary.

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