In the skies over Americas missile attack from the ground allegedly shot down UFO


Behind the scenes video of shocked voices of two men — witness how the alleged missile shot down two balls hovering in the sky and the earth dropped their fragments. At the site of downed UFO appeared two small clouds. What were these objects and why opened fire on them — is still unknown.

You can hear snatches of conversation:

— "Something took off into the air!"

— "Look, he remained on the trail!"

— "What can it be?"

— "The pieces fall to the ground!"

— "Not another alien invasion"

— "I can not believe I see it"

— "Another falls"

— "It looks like a trail from the rocket, these clouds will not happen"

— "Look at this thing, it flashes. It's not a star? "

— "Once something falls"

— "Now it just disappeared"

— "Look at these two clouds"

— "They do not even look at the clouds, and they have some strange color"

Although the video is supposedly visible vapor trail of missiles "ground-to-air" or from the U.S. Army, nor of the U.S. government has not received any comments. Video was shot May 26, 2013.

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