In the SRF test machine for remote mine missile system Yars

In the Strategic Missile Forces completed the test cars remote mine (MDS) based on new physical principles."It will ensure the passage of aggregates missile system as in the formulation of continuous enemy minefields, and separately mounted mine-explosive devices", — said the head of the engineering service SRF Colonel Dmitry Evmenenko.
 Along with conventional mine detectors MDS will be equipped with microwave emitters to neutralize installed on combat patrol routes of mine-explosive devices with electromagnetic sensors goal.

According to Dmitry Evmenenko, it is equally effective on the roadway itself, and in the 70-meter strip along the roadsides.

As experts believe, while significantly enhance the ability to conduct mobile warfare missile units in carrying out tasks as directed. The use of such a machine would overcome both the minefields set by sabotage and intelligence groups of the enemy, and systems of remote mining (mines that are delivered by artillery and aircraft).

Tests MDS completed its test of combat effectiveness. Prior to that, she passed the test on ergonomics, as well as the possibility of placing components on the base chassis.

MDS will go into compounds, armed missile system "Yars".

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