In the suburbs built a unique center for child development and family leisure

Center for Child Development and Family Leisure "Ark" opened in Kratovo Ramenkoe urban settlement area.

Construction of the center was made possible thanks to the initiative of the head of the municipality, who bet on investors. Center built with the help of sponsorship money, and in this case, sponsors are not few, and a few dozen. The building area of more than a thousand square meters of built in six years, and the last two months, there were carried out finishing work.


In the "Center for Child Development and Family Leisure" Ark "" will be glad to people of all ages. Among its main tasks — intellectual, artistic, aesthetic and sports and recreation development, environmental education and, of course, social and educational activities.

"We hope that this experience will serve as a successful model for other municipalities. The development of cultural infrastructure can rely not only on public money, but also to help enthusiasts. The Ministry of Culture of Moscow Region is always ready to support such initiatives, "- said the Minister of Culture of Moscow Region Anton Gubankov.

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