In the suburbs of future combat tested military equipment Army


On the basis of separate motorized rifle brigade, stationed in Moscow, during the development of the military operation conducted preliminary testing of promising elements of military equipment military ground forces, developed a number of enterprises of the domestic industry in accordance with the terms of reference for research and development (R &D), "The Warrior."

The soldiers began to intense daily use samples of military equipment arrow, scout, the driver in the course of combat training. It is also planned to hold company tactical exercises with units equipped with these kits.

In total, the set includes 40 upgraded or newly created elements from weapons to clothing and equipment and personal protective equipment, protection from the damaging factors of weapons of mass destruction and non-lethal weapons.

The control system is a means of communication, identification, processing and display, orienteering, navigation and life support system — safety glasses, hearing protection headset, complete protection of the knee and elbow joints, individual water purifier, a set of independent sources of heat and other elements. The kit also includes a set of weapons and power.

In tests on a competitive basis taking part products of various enterprises of the defense industry, committed to R &D, "The Warrior." Progress of the test military equipment controls a special committee chaired by the Deputy Chief of Land Forces — Chief of Army combat training Lieutenant General Nikolai Bogdanov.

After the troop phase of preliminary tests and evaluation of elements of equipment will be selected the best products for admission to the state tests.

Testing and comparative testing of new models of military equipment military ground forces, established in accordance with the terms of reference for OCD "Warrior", and were completed in the course of the strategic command-staff exercises "Caucasus-2012".

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