In the suburbs to build a solar power plant

On the territory of industrial and office complex in the suburbs of the company began working solar power plant installed capacity of 1.8 kW.

Major task solar station — Demonstration of the possibilities of alternative energy. With it you can demonstrate to consumers the benefits and features of the solar station network. The company's engineers "Danfoss" also plan to conduct in-depth testing of the equipment in the "Moscow" climatic conditions.

The first observations showed that even with high cloud station produces about 350-400 watts. In particular, for the period from May 22 to May 28 was produced and issued to the general power grid for more than 45 kWh of electricity. "Moscow — one of the world capitals with few sunny days a year. The average duration of sunshine in the Moscow region is about 1,600 hours per year according to the Meteorological Observatory of Moscow State University. University. However, even in such circumstances, you can use solar energy, "- said Pavel Fedotov, Manager Key Account Department of Power Electronics "Danfoss".

Solar station is located on the ground at an angle to the supporting structures of aluminum and is oriented to the south. The inverter is located next to the modules. The station is located next to the power unit of "Danfoss".



Solar station consists of 15 amorphous solar panels Company "Hevel" (Russia) and a network of solar inverter "Danfoss" (Denmark) has a capacity of 1.8 kW series UniLynx. Tracking of solar insolation and ambient temperature produced by special sensors Danfoss. For continuous monitoring of the parameters of power plant is equipped with the Internet remote monitoring Danfoss.

Recently, the use Alternative Energy becomes more and more important. In Moscow, as well as in other cities of Russia launched a number of pilot projects using alternative energy sources, including the use of Danfoss Solar Inverters of various capacities.

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