In the sun there is an unusual phenomenon


Solar Observatory, a week watching the sun unusually long zhgutoobrazny prominence, stretching over the southern hemisphere of the sun more than a million kilometers.

It is an arch that connects together two distant regions of the Sun.

Wiring located at substantially the same distance from the photosphere of the Sun over its entire length.

The height and the relative position of the ordinary education remain stable over a long period of time — a week. It is clearly visible on the animated film, obtained from observations of the Sun Observatory SoHo.

Education according to the current view is the wiring of the plasma 'frozen' in the magnetic field lines of the Sun. Such phenomena were also observed previously; known in particular that they may be accompanied by the collapse and the formation of extended relatively long flash time — so-called "flash Haider" (Hyder Flares).

However, the current education and remarkable for its size and its duration. It can be observed and amateurs in specialized solar telescopes. Used for direct observation of the sun normal and is not designed specifically for the optics is strictly prohibited.

Currently in touch with harness solar photosphere formed a group of spots in 1050, information about its likely membership in a particular 11-year cycle of solar activity are given. According to the Space Weather, is currently on the Sun observed two groups of spots (1049 and 1050).

More information about the current dynamics of the solar activity will be provided on the portal Research and Development — R & D.CNews.

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