In the tomb of the Mayan ruler

The dead man lay in his underground refuge 1,600 years. About him long forgotten, and no one troubled peace ruler of the ancient Maya. Tireless, archeologists discovered in the tomb of an unknown ruler of Guatemala.

In the grave, except for the remains of an adult male, lay the bones of six children, who followed him to the afterlife. In grave found rich burial. Valuable items in the tomb of a noble Mayan remarkably well preserved. Among them are a lot of strange unexplained details that can be interpreted in different ways. Scientists engaged in research findings and analysis of the results.

El Zotts — uncomfortable place. Around wetlands are impassable thicket jungle where silently steal away their prey jaguars and pumas. At dusk goes hunting crocodile — not very large, up to three meters in length, with a broad snout, powerful legs and a very powerful tail. Producing awesome noise, rush over thickets whole hordes of bats that live nearby in the rocks in the cave Mayan pyramid El Diablo. Pyramid-shaped building height of 45 meters was a sinister name because she had such steep walls that climb up a very difficult and deadly. Evenings, flocks of bats, getting up in the air, covered the sky, and because bats old, lying in the ruins of the Mayan city called El Zotts.

The ruins of El Zotts opened archaeologist Marco Arton Bale in 1977. More recently, four archaeologists from the University of North Brown Rhode Island dig out the grave of the ruler Maya.

"There's something in this world was a strange, — the head of the excavation Stephen Houston. — We took off one layer and immediately found a lot of blood-red bowls with human fingers and teeth. Originally fingers and teeth were wrapped — organic substances such wrappers stuck to the walls of the bowls. " Archaeologists carefully continued to dig deeper, scrape off layer by layer inside the temple buildings. Finally, they tried to pierce the ground with a thin probe to find out the inside of the cavity. "At this point, we embraced the thrill of anticipation of opening — says Houston. — Pin made his way into the small hole, but through the gap we have not seen anything but gloomy darkness. "

The camera was still the smell of decomposition. Archaeologists took a small bright flashlight and lowered him down into a black void. "Suddenly flashlight picked out black colored spots — red, green, yellow." In the light of the lantern, researchers first saw the tomb of the ruler Maya.

Hard to believe, but for sixteen hundred years, no one entered the tomb, filled with valuable items. There were pottery, textiles, jewelry, painted wood products — all performed at a high artistic level. The wet solid ground almost not allow oxygen to the burial chamber. In hermetically sealed underground tomb created favorable conditions for the preservation of organic matter — they are not decomposed, and vegetable dyes were remarkably fresh and vibrant. This is a rare chance for archaeologists.

"We still have a lot of work ahead — says archaeologist Houston, who recently made an official announcement about the opening in Guatemala City. — The tombs of the rulers are always rich information — will take many years to thoroughly examine the contents of the graves, to unravel all its mysteries. "

An important advantage of the underground tomb found in Guatemala, is the lack of air. From there, do not go outside any vapors and gases. "When I put his head in the hole, to my surprise, I felt a strong smell of putrefaction. From such a stench, I ran a fever on the back, "- says Houston. Sepulchral chamber is small width of 1 meter 20 centimeters, length 3 meters 60 centimeters and a height of 1 meter 80 centimeters. "I could easily lie down there — says archaeologist — but to stay there for a long time I certainly would not want to." Was noble deceased founder of the dynasty?

Senior Maya was lying in his grave not one. Six children accompanied him on his way to the afterlife realm. Archaeologists have found in the tomb four small skeleton and two separate skull belonging to small children, who at the time of death was not more than five years.

The body was lying on a separate ruler wooden box, and the box is eventually lost strength and snapped under the weight of the remains. On the skull of a noble Mayan ceremonial headdress adorned, ornate and filled with finely streaked Mayan hieroglyphs. In the hands of a dead man at the burial invested blade. As Blade researchers concluded that it was very sharp and hard. Such a weapon could easily cut down the bone. Blade is not shining on it stuck reddish mass. Scientists have not yet made a chemical analysis of the substance and do not know what it is. "But you should not have a particularly wild imagination to suggest that the blood on the weapon remained" — suggests Houston.

What then was still a mysterious dead? He died between 350 and 400 AD, the year, and lived for more than fifty years — for the ancient Maya is a very advanced age.

The fourth century marked the turbulent events in El Zotts. City constantly feuded with the neighboring big city of Tikal, located twenty kilometers to the east. Twenty kilometers — a dangerous distance, the enemy is too close. From the highest building in El Zotts of the temple on top of the pyramid of El Diablo, on a clear day is clearly visible Tikal.

Pyramid in its present form was built after the death of an unknown ruler. With his life in this place there was a smaller temple dedicated to the Sun God. In this sacred place to bury only a very important person, perhaps the supreme ruler.

"Location of the tomb, the historical period and the wealth of burial, the construction of the pyramid was the tomb — it all points to the fact that the king was the founder of the dynasty," — says archaeologist Houston.

Before traveling to another world ruler dressed in a suit performer ritual dances, leather small bell from the shells inside which privesheny canine teeth.

The scientific community will await with interest the results of careful study of the remains of the governor, children's skeletons and the entire contents of the unusual burial Mayan ruins of the ancient city.

Galina Sidneva

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