In the U.S., a strange object fell from the sky. According to a weather balloon about people do not believe


The news that the United States fell from the sky an object quickly hit the local media, and the police rushed to cordon off the area and say that it was a weather balloon. But like the image to the video remains on a weather balloon?

No one will trust officials in America who said that the mysterious object that fell from the sky this week, after which the neighborhood of his downfall were blocked and people were evacuated for a time by the police and the military, was just a "weather balloon" believes site

It is reported that a large number of government agents from various agencies gathered quickly in a residential area in Norfolk, Va., on Tuesday night after a mysterious object has fallen from the sky there.

In news reporting object is described as "something strange", some witnesses say he looked like a balloon, others have argued that crashed on earth artifact had a structure similar to the "Styrofoam". According to a witness in local television news: "the object produced a strange noise."

People who live and work in close proximity, were quickly evacuated and the area was cordoned off by police and military compounds. The presence of the operatives of the shadow of the federal agency responsible for the overall direction, shows that the incident took place, of course, it is not mentioned in the briefing, members of the media.

However, it became clear that the initial contact with the object landed was carried out with the help of a robot. After that consultations were held with experts from NASA.

Soon after, a mysterious object that fell from the sky, apparently, was uploaded to the non-government vehicle and was removed from the scene. Subsequently, local residents were allowed to return to their homes, and the military and police contingents dispersed.

The official representative, the commander of the battalion Julian Williamson, then briefed reporters, saying that "the investigators have come into contact with an object, and have decided that it is a weather balloon …".

He also urged anyone who is looking for, or have seen other similar objects or events, "Do not lead the investigation on your own. Just call the authorities."

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