In the village. Angara joined a new plant for wood processing

The advent of new jobs made possible by the opening of the bridge across the Angara.

This is the first launch of a new line of cutting plant. While the equipment is running in test mode at full capacity will go after it was fully running. Everything is automated, the working process of watching a few people. In the village where the plant is located, unemployment was a serious problem. With the advent of the enterprise at once 45 people have found permanent employment.

Andrew MURSATOV: "Salary satisfied. First settled as a laborer on construction of the plant, now get in here"

To establish and run the plant managed just 7 months. Angara River recently joined a huge bridge, and the equipment and other components delivered without delay.

Alexander Simanovskaya: "When there are roads, infrastructure, when there is support from the government, then there tend to people who want to invest"

Finished products plant will start producing in a couple of weeks. This molded products, or, more simply, timber. In the future will be to develop and waste-free production — waste fuel in pellet form.

Valery SHABEKO: "We expect there to cut 150,000 cubic meters per year edged timber for delivery to our woodworking factories. Class products and supply of wood — glued furniture panels"

Raw materials are purchased from local logging companies or businesses. Volumes need a lot — more than 80,000 cubic meters wood per year.

Elena KRYZHAN: "As long as the company is not in full force ahead of the construction of a few more shops. In the future, the management plans to increase the staff to 100 people"

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