In the village. Chebsara (Vologda region). Opened a kindergarten for 80 seats

The building was constructed way of rapid construction using an innovative modular technology.

The new building is designed for pre-school and 80 persons will attend the four groups of children, ranging from 1.5 years. The project is taken into account for all that life young visitors and employees of the garden was comfortable and cozy. Wide lobbies, conference and sports facilities, medical office, which provides room for the doctor and the insulator, a laundry room, a large catering department with a variety of shops and facilities for food storage.

For each group, you will find spacious bedrooms, large rooms for training sessions and games, a snack bar, a dressing room and a dressing room. Kindergarten is equipped with new furniture, developmental, educational and visual equipment and toys. In the neighborhood for each group equipped playgrounds for sports, hiking and outdoor games.

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