In the village. Goose Brod (Novosibirsk region). Opened a factory for the production of bricks

Design and construction of the plant began in June 2010, completed in May 2012. Technological line can produce up to 100 million pieces of ordinary brick M-125 and M-150 in a year. At present, construction of the first phase of the plant with an annual capacity of 50 million pieces. Construction was drying kilns and the second stage is planned for 2013-2014.

All utilities required for the operation of the plant (heating, water supply, sewerage, electricity) are autonomous. The company employs more than 150 people. Feature of the production is the possibility of making bricks from clay with the addition of the ash produced in the process of thermal power plants. This technology can significantly reduce the cost of production.

Approved reserves ceramic loam deposit "Novovnikolaevskoe-1" can supply the plant with one of the main resources for 50 years.

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