In the village. Krasnomaysky (Rep. of Mordovia) opened a meat-packing plant

September 22 in the village of Krasnomaysky Republic of Mordovia opened Meat Processing Plant "Norovsky." His power — almost 6,000 tons per year, 30% of which — delicacies. Here the most modern technologies of sanitary inspection rooms to the latest production lines with Italian equipment for slaughtering, cutting, packaging and storage of meat. Works created in rural areas of 25 new jobs. Salary of employees is 25,000 rubles.

Over the past six years, "tetchy" built three modern dairy and two high pig-breeding complexes, which are modern agricultural machinery, grain elevator, feed mill, shop for the production of vegetable oils and much more.

Another new area — farm breeding geese and turkeys. This year we plan to put on the shelves 2.5 thousand birds. The following year, the livestock will be increased to 20 thousand heads, and in the run up to 100,000.

Creating a comfortable living and working conditions for their employees — another area. Today in "tetchy" built about 70 houses. All are built on subsidized housing programs a young family or rural young professionals.

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