In the village. Ladva-branch (Rep. of Karelia) opened a cultural and recreational complex

Previously, all the social facilities of the village, which is home to more than 1,500 people housed in dilapidated buildings have not been repaired for a long time. Construction of the new clinic, overhaul of the local House of Culture in the years fall into departmental programs, but because of the high cost of the work, these plans have not been implemented.

Then he was offered a way out of the situation — to collect social institutions Ladva-branches under one roof, repaired for posting a large vacant building village shop. This would solve the basic problems of the village, with the effective disposal of budgetary funds.

In 2011, repairs were made and in the cultural and recreational complex housed a medical clinic, a pharmacy, a cultural center, a library and a post office. For major repairs outpatient facilities at a rate of more than 2.2 million sent by the program to modernize health care, 3.8 million from the national budget has been allocated for repair of the House of Culture, the share of co-financing in the amount of 800,000 rubles invested and budget Prionezhski district.

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