In the village. Markovo (Amur region). Refurbished opened a school

In October 2011, a part of the institution with nearly a half century was closed for repairs. Repair work began in August, they had planned to finish by mid-October. But by the beginning of winter, the roof body remained sky. In addition, the situation worsened: take up the roof — collapsed wall. "During the dismantling of the roof two walls fell. Rack-tower collapsed in the lobby, "- says the director Tatyana Vasilyeva.

The contractor, who undertook the original actively repair the house of knowledge was of the dispute unless the talk, and then the partial dismantling of the roof did not get. Poor quality and unfinished repairs was the reason that the repair — already heavy — it took around structure. The building is "headless" had no time to look for new builders to stop the remainder of their predecessors, according to the head of the Annunciation District Sergei Adamenko, "construction mess".

Price issue a total of close to 10 million rubles. Provided funds to the local and regional budgets.


As the Deputy Prime Minister of the Amur region, Acting Minister of Health of Nicholas Tezikov, unfortunately, the estimate is not even close to assess the financial and economic situation, the degree of drama. And she was so critical that one of his deputies Nicholas L. advised to put a cot and live on a building site! The very official every two or three days visiting the construction site to the on-line tracking the completion of the protracted.

As promised the head of the regional administration Sergei Adamenko, Markov mladsheklassnikov the third quarter began, sitting at new desks with warm, bright classrooms. The grand opening of the renovated school wanted to before, but the idea prevent cold — cold weather because of the children for several days visiting classrooms.

Today the devastation that reigned here not so long ago, the only reminder lost in snowdrifts small debris. Witness the "former" — wall newspaper with photos of the reconstruction of the institution with the eloquent title "Through the thorns — to knowledge."

Now the school has a very respectable appearance: all plastic windows on the front door — elektroshtory and classes shine cleanliness, comfort and fun with posters like "litter only smiles." According to the director of the institution Markov Tatyana Vasilyeva, the school is thoroughly planned — from the brand new adjustable desks to the color intensity of the freshly painted walls.

As it turned out, the initially selected color was too bright for the lower grades, it was necessary to change the course of the saturated green to pale emerald. "This color is not so will load the kids, I'm talking to you as a doctor," — noted during the inspection classes Deputy Prime Minister of the Amur region, the Acting Minister of Health of Nicholas Tezikov.

Today in school Markov created favorable conditions for students, the director Tatyana Vasilyeva. The newly earned dining room and library. In one of the renovated rooms materialized old dream of the director of the institution — the assembly hall with this scene. As the head of the national children's amateur team, "I + I + I", Tatyana Vasilyeva always wanted to do with the children on his own acting site. In addition to creative activities here will be to conduct school events, parent meetings, music lessons, and MCC.

The plans for the future — overhaul gym aforementioned school. While the issue price ranges from just over a million rubles, but it all depends on the amount of work scheduled. So, the question remains about installing showers, which can dictate the modern health standards.

— No gym we like without hands, — the director of the school Markov Tatyana Vasilyeva. — We are the village sports guys having fun doing Laptev, volleyball, basketball. One miracle — a rejuvenated school — we have already received. Now we wait a second — a modern audience.

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