In the village. Mirnyi (Chelyabinsk region). After the cap. Repair opened a children’s rehabilitation center

In the town of Mirny Krasnoarmeyskiy Chelyabinsk region opened a children's rehabilitation center. Located in a former cardio rheumatologic sanatorium "Birch Grove", he became a branch of the regional rehabilitation center, based on the shores of Lake Smolino. In both institutions to modernize the health overhauled, bought modern medical equipment, staffed by medical professionals.

Here, the modernization program of health repaired the floor and ceiling, windows and doors were replaced by plastic, had installed new electrical wiring and local water purification system. With UV eliminates odors and germs are neutralized.

All of these updates has spent more than five million rubles. Another eight — the purchase of medical equipment: ultrasound scanner, spirograph, which is waiting for installation and debugging. In addition, in the near future, the Center received two ECG machine and equipment for therapeutic baths.

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In Mirnenskoe branch of the regional rehabilitation center receives patients from all over the area. Here dolechivatsya after complex injuries that require long-term recovery. The main contingent — the Federal Cardiology patients who are referred here after cardiac surgery. The center also heals patients with chronic pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and lungs.



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