In the village. October Kemerovo region has opened a kindergarten for 75 children

Kindergarten "Rainbow" is a four-group to 75 children between the ages of one and a half to seven years. It will be able to visit not only the young inhabitants of the village of October, but also children from the nearby cities — Prokopyevsk and Kiselyovsk.

For the children will find comfort: cozy sleeping and group rooms, playground, and sports fields, appointed in accordance with all safety requirements, on the ground floor is installed underfloor heating, so that the children do not get cold. For new kindergarten students prepared a varied game and didactic material. With the kids will run a speech therapist who will prepare for success in school.

The kindergarten also has a gym, a pool, a salt room, sensory room Thinking, which with the help of music, sounds, rain, noise, forests and various lighting effects in children will be removed anxieties, fears and negative emotions. Catering department is equipped with the latest technological equipment.

The opening of a kindergarten in the village of October has created 30 new jobs. In general, the construction of a new kindergarten at a cost of 130 million rubles.

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