In the village of Alataevo Tomsk region will be built wind-solar power plant


By early autumn of this year, the village Alataevo (Parabelsky District, Tomsk region) will be equipped with the new wind-solar power plant, the cost of which will amount to 7,000,000 rubles.

The relevant plans of the Tomsk Region, the implementation of which it will jointly with TPU (TPU) and NIIPP (Research Institute of Semiconductor Devices), said Vitaliy Savrasov, the developer of the project.

Vitaly Savrasov said that site for the construction of power plants has already been selected, you only need to wait for the completion of the state examination of construction documents. It is known that the construction of the power plant will be engaged experts CPP "GelioTom" structural unit NIIPP.

Delivery of wind-solar power plant is scheduled for September this year.  Earlier, the regional administration approved the project and TPU NIIPP providing the introduction of renewable energy sources in rural areas. For the pilot project developers chose Alataevo village, located in the north of the Tomsk region.

Initially, the project involved the installation of a village in the summer of this year, solar cells that could provide street lighting at night.

Vitaly Savrasov told that the peak power of the new power of 25 kilowatts. The power of each of the two wind turbines will be 19 kilowatts of solar power plants — 7 kilowatts. According to him, this power will be enough for a steady supply of electricity to the whole village

It is worth noting that the current supply of electricity to the village Alataevo at the expense of diesel power plant, located nearly three dozen kilometers away. Savrasov noted that the power lines are almost non-operational, supply electricity to the village can stop at any time. In this wind-solar power is a good alternative to diesel power. After the pilot project, the regional authorities are planning to replace diesel power plants in areas of the Tomsk region, where they are the least cost-effective.

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