In the village of Chalna (Karelia) was inaugurated gymnasium

Gymnasium in paragraph Chalna Priazhinsky district has reopened after extensive reconstruction carried out by the Administration Priazhinsky area Chalninskogo settlement and the Government of the Republic. The cost of works is estimated at more than $ 5 million. Opening of the sports facility dedicated to the Day of Yarn conducted in the Republic of Karelia.

As the head of the municipal district Toivo I. Savolainen, today in the hall is equipped with a standard field for mini-football with a special synthetic surface, which allocated funds to the Ministry of Youth, Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Karelia. The future plans — do weatherization locker room, as well as equip toilet and a storage room for sports equipment. By design, the new hall will be a place of training of students of the school's sports village, as well as a venue for inter-regional competitions in futsal.

At the opening made by the head of the municipal district Pryazha national Toivo I. Savolainen, head of the Administration Priazhinsky National Municipal District Konstantin G. Gusev, the Minister of Sports of the Republic of Karelia Alexander Voronov, director of the sports school and coach children's soccer team, who noted that this day — a great celebration for all Chalna villagers. And it's hard to disagree, looking at the happy faces of the children and their parents, who could not contain the joy and excitement. "We are all waiting for will be playing in the hall, in the winter drove the ball across the field. Now, with such a beautiful location, I think, want to join our team will be more", — says the young football player Maxim China.

The triumph continued with the performance of children's dance groups claim Chalna that offered viewers to participate in a flash mob, and finally the debut match on mini-football among students of village school sports.

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