In the village of Chernyanka Belgorod region opened a new building of district hospital

Construction of medical facilities in the village Chernyanka Belgorod region began 20 years ago. But he managed to complete only this year, after the object was in a federal program to modernize the health care system.


For the health and health promotion in Chernyanka open another facility — a modern stadium with artificial turf. He became part of a sports complex in the center of the village. Nearby are FOC and a swimming pool.


Chernyansky district hospital began to build in 1991 as a children's hospital with obstetric. Have been handed a few objects, but then stopped working. Since 2006, a new contractor has been LLC "Chernyansky CPR Plus", the project had to be revised and health facilities. On completion of the construction (the introduction of the main body and the provision of equipment) in 2011, it took 96 million rubles, of which 42 million went to the construction of the main body, 42 million — for the technical equipment, 12 million — to medical equipment. In general, an object invested almost half a billion rubles, of which construction works have cost 395.1 million and equipment — 90.8 million

Total area of buildings CRH — more than 16 thousand square meters. meters, there are medical, surgical, intensive care, maternity, radiology, physiotherapy department. Here you can take radon baths, mud baths and visit the salt room. The hospital is equipped with modern medical equipment and instrumentation for laboratory research.

At the opening of health facilities governor of the Belgorod region Yevgeny Savchenko noted that the ability of the medical establishment will be in demand because Chernyanka population will grow, and as we develop Chernyansky iron ore deposit area can become an industrial center. Savchenko added that due care with the use of new medical equipment in the area to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

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