In the village of Essoila (Karelia) opened a sports club for teenagers

Revive sports club movement in the village decided Essoila Pryazha region. It re-opened youth club where young people have the opportunity to engage in boxing and table tennis.
Teen club appeared in Essoila in Soviet times. In the mid-nineties it safely covered up, the laundry room was turned into a local hospital. When it was gone, and, basement abandoned as unnecessary.

But at the end of last year essoylskie enthusiasts decided to re-organize the club to create on the basis of its sports section, hold competitions and to promote a healthy lifestyle. With the help of sponsors we have managed to hold lighting and fire alarms, repair plumbing, sewer, acquire a piece of sports equipment for training.
The club has already won two grants. The money will sew shape for the football team and buy table tennis equipment. At the same cosmetic repair grants are not provided. Therefore, the room can be used only partially.
In the youth club was planning to move and Essoylskaya studio arts and crafts. It is mainly a girl. Beads, popular doll, patchwork … The room they had the time, the close. A lot of people just do not receive it. Furthermore, the materials that the finished product must be stored somewhere.
The basic purpose of the club — it is a sport. And to fully deal is still impossible. In Essoila hope to help regional authorities to have allocated money for repairs. Then, in the village will be three new sports section. The good is obvious.

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