In the village of Lower Bestyakh (Yakutia) opened railway station

Aug. 4near Yakutsk on the right bank of the Lena River opened a new railway station. The ceremony took place in the village of Lower Bestyakh.

The two-story building is designed in a classic style with the addition of traditional ornament, floors and columns of the building are decorated with mosaics in the national colors. The total area of 2005 sq.m. At the station for five lounges.

The station building was designed by the design institute "Yakutproekt." Station was built two years, the cost of about 200 million rubles. This rate is only part of the building, with no processing equipment. For comparison, the cost per kilometer of railway costing 110 million rubles.


The building was erected with the permafrost and possible seismic activity. It can theoretically withstand earthquakes up to 7 on the Richter scale.

While the station will serve only cargo flights, but it is possible that this year will be launched the first passenger train Bottom Best — Nerungri. It is further assumed that the passengers that has run down at the station Lower Bestyakh can go straight to Moscow.

Filing of the station complex railway station Lower Bestyakh scheduled November 30, 2013. Full-time staff station is 600 people. In the building of the station will operate wireless internet (wi-fi), as well as ramps for disabled entry.

"Today, following the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation, are ready to enter the railway Tommot — Kerdem — Lower Bestyakh. 800 kilometers separating us from the station Berkakit, and this line in the near future will carry the maximum loads for the Republic, which is very in need," — said CEO of "Transstroi-East" Alexander Dudnikov.

He also said that today in the construction of the railway line involved about 1.4 thousand people. Full launch of start-up complex Tommot — Kerdem — Lower Bestyakh certainly take place in 2014.

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