In the village of Lower Ingash (Krasnoyarsk Territory) Refurbished opened a children’s clinic

In the village of Lower Ingash renovated children's clinic opened. For these purposes in the framework of modernization of the health system from the federal budget has been allocated 6.7 million rubles and more than 1 million — the co-financing of the local budget.

The clinic is completely replaced the roof, facade insulated and finished with siding, windows replaced. Completely renovated sewers, water supply and heating system. Interior decoration cabinet meets all the requirements of health legislation.

The establishment of a fully staffed precinct paediatricians. Outpatient lead neurologist, surgeon, has physiotherapy, massage, study a healthy baby. On January 1, opened the emergency room for children, spring will come to the clinic equipment for children's dental office.

To the children's clinic of the Lower Ingash secured about 6.5 million children. Residents of the area can make an appointment by signing up on the phone at the reception, also organized an electronic record to the doctors.

In 2012, as part of the modernization program planned for the district health overhaul children's clinic Nizhnepoymenskoy local hospital, as well as insulation and repair of obstetric and surgical departments of the hospital.

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