In the village of New Lyada first opened in the Tambov region overhead pedestrian crossing

In the village of New Lyada Tambov region, where the road Tambov, Penza, open overhead pedestrian crossing. Construction of the project took less than a year. They hope to Uprdor "Caspian", the design will become the guarantor of security in the transition roadway for emergency and dangerous part of the route under their jurisdiction.


The transition is equipped with ramps and channels for the passage of carriages, bicycles, trucks, as well as lighting, illuminated at night automatically. The press service of the department reported that work on the device walkways, installation of signs and barrier fencing completed. In September the elevator for people with disabilities.

Recall it is planned to open two more ground crossings. Their construction is near the village of Sagittarius and at the entrance to Tambov street Kikvidze. The total cost is in excess of 119 million rubles.

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