In the village of Tyazhinskii (Kemerovo region). Renovated clinic opened

Repairs were carried out in the framework of the modernization program of health care.
Construction work in the facility began in 2010. In less than two years, not only refurbished clinic, but also therapeutic and infectious department. 

 The builders have done a great job: reinforced foundations, replaced electrical wiring, communications and water supply systems, have mounted a new ventilation system, carried out a partial redevelop. Have been allocated for children and adults registry, they become more comfortable and spacious. For clinic staff arranged lounges. All medical rooms decorated with modern, environmentally friendly materials. Equipped with an accessible environment for people with disabilities — made ramps and handrails. Until the end of the year will be launched elevator for transporting patients completed work on improvement of basements. 
In addition, the clinic is completely replaced furniture, purchased new equipment. 
For overhaul and equip health centers have been allocated more than 40 million rubles. 
In the near future builders will begin to repair the medical building.

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