In the village of Tygda Amur Region has opened a new hospital

In the village of Tygda Amur region affected by the fire of April 2012, construction of a new hospital. Building local hospital began in September 2012. For the first time in the construction of health facilities has been applied a new, modern pre-fabricated technology.

The design capacity of health facilities where the residents of the villages served by Tygda, Chalgany, Chernyayevo and Kuznetsova — 100 visits per day, hospital beds represented 20 day stay. Now studied the question of organizing a day-night beds. Outpatient area is 100.5 square meters. m, it is equipped with ultrasound machines with sensors and Doppler, a mobile X-ray machine, laboratory equipment.

The construction of the hospital was spent 65 million rubles from the regional budget, and 600,000 rubles for the purchase of medical furniture has been allocated under the modernization program of health for 2011-2012.

Previously, health care is provided to the district hospital, which was located in the building in 1938 and construction in 1953.

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