In the village of Veshchevo opened its first plant in the Leningrad region for waste tires

September 23 opening of the first in the Leningrad region of a recycling and processing of rubber and waste polimerosoderzhaschih LLC "Eco-technologies. The plant will process rubber and waste oil furnace toplivo.Do it just burned tires, and each ton of tires allocated to the atmosphere of about 450 kg of toxic gases.

The plant, which now employs 15 people, will help to clear the territory of the district of illegal tire dumps. It is also planned to organize a gathering point in the Leningrad bus, where they will take back to the factory.

As the head of the Committee for Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of the Administration of the Vyborg district Kagramanyan Anna, now the company recycles three tons of rubber every day, but can not cope with the volume of six tons. According to Anna Kagramanyan when the plant will increase the amount of recycling in the glove scheduled to run the boiler room, which will run on fuel produced during processing.

The company is able to process any rubber products — new and worn out tires of any size, waste oils, some plastics and even rubber trim. Total in Russia, there are eight such ekotehnologicheskih complexes.

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