In the village of Vysotsky Khanty-Mansiysk has opened a new children’s garden

In the village of High was a significant event, which was expected by almost one and a half years — 21 September cut the symbolic ribbon at the entrance to the kindergarten, "SPRING", which marked the full completion of construction. Operate a new pre-school education, which is one hundred seats will begin next Monday.

The total area of the site is 11,834 square meters and the area of a two-storey building of kindergarten — 2232 square meters. He will be visiting the children at the age of 3 to 7 years.

The former kindergarten "SPRING" occupied dilapidated room switchboards, and the children were in the same building. New kindergarten built on a standard project with all the requirements of regulatory authorities. Children's groups are equipped with environmentally friendly furniture and play equipment meets all safety requirements.

The village is high, they say, comes to life after years of stagnation, and it's obvious. Over the past two and a half years in the village organized a road repair and equip a swing set for the kids, after much debate about the fate of the House of Culture "Siberia" decided to reconstruct the building, it is expected that the new recreation center will be operational in late 2012, and now addressed the issue of renewal "Children's Art School number 2." Site preparation for the start of construction of four apartment houses at the expense of the developer, the conditions for the mass of individual building.

— In High no significant production capacity, in fact, this village — sleeping neighborhood Megion, since so many vysokovtsy work in the city. But people like to live here, in the village of its own microclimate, beautiful nature around. So we, as the power required to create good living conditions for the upbringing and development of children, — said in comments to journalists the head of Megion Michael Higuita.

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