In the village of Yaya (Kemerovo region). Opening of a kindergarten The Ship

This is the first stand-alone Yai preschool educational institution. Its opening will reduce the priority of the village is 31% (it is now 375 children). Attend the "The Ship" will be the children of low-income families, as well as the category of beneficiaries.


The new kindergarten, designed for 115 seats have music and sports halls, and a swimming pool — This is the first kindergarten in Yaya area where children will learn to swim. The floors on the first floor arranged heating.
In addition, "The Ship" is equipped with modern comfortable and safe furniture, games, sports and technical equipment of the new generation. All the facilities were adequate sanitation and fire safety.
For the catering department also purchased modern equipment.
On the site of a kindergarten avtogorodok equipped for lessons on learning the rules of the road. It will deal not only with students, "The Ship", but also other pre-school institutions.
At the kindergarten highlighted two areas for children of experiments on growing plants.
With the opening of the kindergarten 52 people were able to find a job.
Total of regional and local budgets for the construction of a kindergarten, the purchase of furniture, medical and sports equipment has been allocated about 115 million rubles.

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