In the village of Znamianka Krasnoyarsk open a new kindergarten

In the village of Znamianka Minusinskogo district has opened a new children's garden with 95 seats. This is the first pre-school educational institution in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the building of which was based on the draft re-use.

Kindergartens are based on the re-use of standard designs and ready to "attach" to the conditions of a specific site. On the construction of kindergartens and schools in the Krasnoyarsk Territory spoke in 2011. Building on the model projects will cost 40% less than the construction of facilities for individual projects.


Today, the regional authorities, local authorities have an important role — in 2016 to solve the problem of queues in kindergartens. This task is impossible without new construction. The development of several types of re-use projects, designed for different numbers of children will reduce construction time, to optimize costs. The practice of construction of kindergarten buildings in these projects will be extended to the whole region.

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