In the village. Russian Mouth (Yakutia) is running diesel power

JSC "Sakhaenergo" has commissioned a modular automated diesel power installed capacity of 335 kW in Allaikhovskiy District, Yakutia.

For the construction of the power plant equipment investment program of OAO "Sakhaenergo" was sent to 20 million 538 thousand rubles.

The station, which reaches a maximum power of 450 kW unit consists of seven modules, which are located in the diesel generator company Cummins, the operating point of automated process control system with closed 0.4 kV switchgear, network pumping, repair shop and room toplivomaslopodgotovki. At the facility also installed a satellite dish for equipment monitoring and remote control of technological processes.

The new diesel power station with a third degree of automation, which provides automatic control of all the parameters of the station, including shaft speed diesel generators, voltage and temperature in cooling systems, supply replacement tanks — fuel, oil and coolant, as well as the automation of collaboration motors and control accessories.


In addition to power generation, cogeneration mode plant will generate heat. To dispose of thermal energy in each module with a power-generating equipment installed waste heat boilers and plate heat exchangers. The resulting heat and consumes energy facility for its own needs, and the excess heat will be used for heating-system water in the boiler room.

In 2013, the new station is also running in the townships Olenegorsk Allaikhovsky Ulus Ulus Naiba Bulun and Argahtah Srednekolymskiy District.

The plans of "Sakhaenergo" — further upgrade the energy sector of the northern territories of Yakutia. This year we plan to introduce in ekspulutatsiyu diesel power in the villages Sakkyryyr Even-Bytantayskiy ulus and Olenyok Olenek district.

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