In the village. Small Belonosova (Sverdlovsk region) Open Path opened item Center for Disaster Medicine

Roads in the Sverdlovsk region are becoming safer — in the region continues to develop system-route points Territorial Center for Disaster Medicine. Another point optical path began working in the village of Malaya Belonosova Kamensky district. For the year due to the en-route emergency room received more than 1.5 thousand injured, according to the department of information policy of the governor.

On the organization of the new piste points, service radius is 30 kilometers long and stretches all the way to the border with the Kurgan region of the Middle Urals budget was allocated about 7,000,000 rubles. The objectives of the point is not only to provide emergency assistance in case of accidents on the road, but first aid to the population of nearby communities, preventive work with the drivers.

To create a piste item was first developed the original functional design solution on two types of mobile buildings (therapeutic and diagnostic), which is medical rescue team. Center specialists developed the terms of reference to special medical rescue vehicles, combining the functions of a modern car reanimobile and rescuers. Ambulance car with the technical compartment for rescue equipment "Sikar-M-3895" has been registered in the Russian Federation, is listed in the state registry of medical devices and medical equipment. For the first time in Russia developed and tested in the units of the MES of Russia in Sverdlovsk region set medic rescue and first aid kit.

The emergence of 12-route points was organized system of emergency medical aid to victims of road accidents on federal roads with the highest passenger and freight traffic in the transport corridor East-West. It is a question of federal highways Perm, Yekaterinburg, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Yekaterinburg, Kurgan, Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg.

Only in the 2011 gang-route 629 points eliminated the consequences of an accident. Assisted 1,679 victims. Of these, 571 heavy and medium gravity. In 56 cases (9%) to release the jammed victims applied emergency equipment. The average time of arrival Brigade after receiving the signal was 10 minutes. Assisted 4,173 patients with urgent medical conditions. Teams carried out 45 points en-route to the emergency exits and the threat of disaster.

As the Minister of Health of the Sverdlovsk region Arkady Bielawski, as a result of the organization of en-route services increased efficiency, both in health care and conducting rescue operations, decreased the number of deaths among the victims of road accidents.

For the first time in full co-organized by the Russian doctors and rescue workers and how they work together when removing tyazhelopostradavshih of the blocked machine. In addition to working at the accident scene, the teams provide free assistance to all addressed, including the residents of nearby settlements — with life-threatening conditions.


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