In the villages of the Irkutsk region. opened an indoor hockey court and rural DK

In the village of Pivovariha Irkutsk region was inaugurated indoor hockey court, which was erected in the shortest possible time — in four months. Court is a multi-platform, where in winter you can play hockey and skating in the summer watching volleyball, basketball, football. The new sports facility will train the local hockey club "Vympel", and will be able to play sports to attend.  

Hockey court is a pilot project. It is the first sports facility, built on a long-term regional target program "Development of Physical Culture and Sports of the Irkutsk Region for 2011-2015". On the construction of a sports facility spent about 11.5 million, of which about 9.5 million rubles allocated from the regional budget and the rest — from the district treasury. 

 Cultural and recreational center "Olkhon" renovated village Elantsy
In the village of Elantsy Olkhon district ended repair of cultural and leisure center. The building fell into the regional program "Hundred model house of the Irkutsk region." 

During the year authorities have renovated facade, purchased the curtain for the stage and lighting equipment. In the near future will begin installing new seats in the auditorium. Total cost of work performed about four million rubles.
— The cultural life of the area, festivals — all taking place in the cultural and entertainment center "Olkhon". So update it — this is important for the public — said the mayor of Olkhon district Sergey Kopylov. 

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