In the Voronezh River released 140,000 species of food fish

140,000-year-old juvenile grass carp, common carp and silver carp were brought to Ramon of Novovoronezh hatchery.  Make way for youngsters moved well, Inspector Fisheries Department of Fisheries of the Upper Yevgeny Simonov counted only a dozen dead fishes. On special sleeve fry released into the Voronezh River in the area of Ramon bridge.

Funds for the restoration of water and biological resources of the Voronezh River was allocated as compensation for damage caused by the nature of the enterprises and organizations for work in the floodplains. This time, the financing of the project participated LLC "Montazhzemstroy", LLC "Dolgoprudinskaya reclamation" and CJSC "Renaissance."

Stocking of rivers in the region will be held for 20 days. In addition to the Voronezh River replenish fish stocks and the Don, which released about 500 tons of chicks. This will not only save the ecosystem of the rivers, but also help to prevent siltation of waterways and overgrown area. In the future, will be able to evaluate the results of the action and fans of sport fishing.

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