In Venice for the first time in 80 years frozen canals

In Europe, there are very cold. In Venice, Italy for the first time in 80 years frozen canals filled up with snow in Rome Colosseum. In other European countries, too, came a snowstorm. Snow in France and Austria. In Croatia, the person died because of snow.

Europe is experiencing resistance to new temperature records. In Venice, Italy for the region because of the unprecedented cold frozen canals. This is not seen in 80 years. But despite the cold, the traditional carnivals not canceled. The annual celebration started yesterday. Season opened the so-called "holiday on the water." However, in such conditions, it is more of a "celebration on the ice."

A strong snowstorm north of the Alps. In France, the road filled up with snow. Formed on the highway kilometer traffic jams. The police do not have time to record the accident.

"This kind of weather — a big surprise. All covered with snow, the machine can not pass," — says the tourist.

For this kind of weather was not ready and tourists. Many simply do not count on the very cold and snowing. Had the most difficult for those who travel by private transport.

The particular situation of the rescuers moved Bosnia. The country does not stop search operations. Emergency services rescues of motorists stranded in the snow. In some cases, the victims did not get to by car. Rescuers used for this helicopter.

"First of all, we help those whose lives are now at risk. But I hope that soon we will be able to get to all those who seem to be locked in their own home," — says Zoellick Kovatsevich, Director of Social Welfare.

In Croatia, dozens of villages cut off from the outside world. After a two-meter drifts can drive machinery. By helicopter to the disaster-prone areas is also not accessible — prevents heavy snow. Rescuers have to travel by snowmobile. They deliver the victims food and water.

But in Greece, much warmer. At the moment there is rain. Because of the rains, which did not stop a few days, the country started to severe floods. Under the water were several cities. There are also reports about the victims — in Pyrgos elderly woman could not get out of flooded homes. Dozens of people were injured.

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