In Volgograd, tons of herring caught by a giant!


We anglers Hero City real treat! This year, to Volgograd got huge shoals of herring big greedy. She caught everywhere and at any depth.

On Spartanovka from morning to night hundreds of fishermen standing shoulder to shoulder such a fish on the Volga was not long ago.
— About eight years herring are not the cheapest, — says Dmitry angler with the experience of March. — Some said that it all caught in Kalmykia networks. Others referred to the bad environment. The second version, in my opinion, is more convincing. Now, many companies have risen, the water is cleaned and the fish rose again to spawn.

This year, the herring is caught everywhere, at any depth. And come across instances where the banks can not see — is so large. Fish takes on a special lure — a small strip of metal (3.5 — 5 cm) with a welded hook. There are special lures for catching herring and new equipment, each with up to five hooks.

— As I watched a fisherman caught 92 herring in one hour — says Martin. — Another pulled by three herring after each bite.
Currently, according to the fishermen went to the second wave: the first was over a week ago. Then the sea predators were smaller. Now come across "real wild boars"

— I do not believe it myself — says Dmitry. — But one comer ekzemplyarchik straightened steel hook!
Another anomaly: the last two or three years, herring caught up to September, although, according to scientists, should go into the lower reaches of the middle of June.

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