In Yakutia burned circus bus with animals trapped in it

In Yakutia burned circus bus with animals trapped in itThis morning, not far from Yakutsk unknown hijacked and burned a traveling circus owned bus, carrying the bear and doves.

Reported that on one of the islands of the Lena River at Yakutsk off a bus, came to the duty of the police suburban Zhatay at five o'clock in the morning local time. Half an hour later there phoned head on tour in Yakutia Odessa "Circus in the arena" and said that, from the village of hijacked bus belonging to circus groups.

As it turned out, it was about the same car. Most distressing finding was that, together with the bus burned contained therein trained animals — bear and doves. As the press service of the Interior Ministry of Yakutia, "into the matter of review."

This is not the first time the death of circus animals in Yakutia. Just over a year ago, with motor vehicles from Neryungri to Yakutsk in the refrigerator suffocated by the heat, smoke and hot gases eight tigers and a lioness belonging to Krasnodar circus "dream."

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