In Yakutia heatwave

Most parts of the Republic of Sakha Yakutia established an unusually hot weather.Of course, the heat in July this happens almost every year, especially in the south.But 36 .. 38 degrees in the shade, it was so much the previous day in some areas south of Yakutia — indicators that are close to the extreme.

In the capital the air is heated to 34 degrees. And that temperature is not often observed, even in July, the hottest month of the year.

Today in most of Yakutia thermometers will show 31 to 36 degrees. Very warm even in the north of the republic, and in the lower Kolyma, to 20 .. 25 degrees. And only on the narrow edge of the Arctic coast of breath Glacial Arctic Ocean will cool the incoming hot air from the south up to 12 .. 17 degrees. On the Arctic islands is not above 14.

Needless to say that the hot weather is fraught with the danger of fire. At present a fire hazard in the west and east of Yakutia is high, and in the coming days to hope for its reduction is not necessary — the weather will be mainly dry and hot.

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