Indigo Children — missionaries from the future?


In Russia they are called "Children of the New Consciousness," "Children of Light", "Indigo Children." France — "Teflon" because they have not "stick" the generally accepted rules of behavior. In the British Isles — "Children of the Millennium"

In Russia, June 1st is International Children's Day. Across the country, will be held charity events to help orphans and disabled children in difficult situations. Meanwhile, the state and society should not forget about the gifted children, the so-called geeks and "Indigo children".

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In Russia they are called "Children of the New Consciousness," "Children of Light", "Indigo Children." France — "Teflon" because they have not "stick" the generally accepted rules of behavior. In the British Isles — "Children of the Millennium."

They are persistent and determined. They have an amazing intuition, they are able to make the right decisions. They are independent and proud even in humiliating situations for themselves, capable of rage and cruelty in the event that run across the insurmountable wall of indifference. It is believed that some of the indigo plant and understand the language of animals, birds and even fish!

They often have trouble in school because they categorically reject the authoritarian methods of teaching. Indigo often do not hear the teacher. They often are locked auditory or visual information channel. They are self-absorbed.

So who are they? Geeks color violet or indeed harbingers of a new race? And is it possible to equate the Indigo children and child prodigies?

Hardly. Because not everyone is a child prodigy "indigo child."

"Indigo Children" — is, according to many researchers, the phenomenon at the level of super-consciousness. And geeks — it's still something different.

They can be divided into two types. The first genius of nature. Second — rather dragged than gifted. A coach you, you can teach almost anyone. Even a fool.

However, this does not mean that it will be wise or man-creator. It will just be more aware. After all, creativity is not a mechanical assimilation of new knowledge, and the ability to put them into practice and create something new.

No wonder that there is such a thing as a "syndrome of the former child prodigy" when fate seemed to promise so much, and as a result did not get anywhere. And then the former child prodigy has a feeling as if he had been deceived. Among the geniuses had a lot of geeks, but among geeks little geniuses.

In modern conditions, ultra-dense information space, dominated by the Internet, radio, television, mobile communications child receives information from the outside world, on a subconscious level, leveraging more and more areas of the cerebral cortex.

The mechanism for this is the perception of information about each person. Just not everyone is able to activate it. And to make it more and more difficult over the years.

In principle, almost all children can become if not geeks, then, at least, a talented and successful people in any given area.

We need only the relevant conditions under which a normal child has the opportunity to develop inherent in it the makings of nature and ability, with interest and creatively to learn new things.

And the most important thing — to be able to work, overcoming obstacles that arise on the chosen path, including hostility and envy of others. To be able to withstand the troubles and setbacks. To be able to analyze the errors and fix them. In short, to be able to be successful.

All this child prodigy should be taught that he was ready to enter adult life, and was held as a person creating, as a professional, as a person, and not turned into an ordinary adult.

However, these same qualities and the child should be taught indigo, though many of them are inherent to it initially. In this way, it differs from child prodigy. If, in accordance with modern terminology geeks — these are children who are recognized as the educational system superior level of intellectual development of other children his age, the criteria used to define indigo children are different.

According to Russian scientists who study the phenomenon of child-bearers of the "new consciousness" and characterized by:

— A sense of dignity and self-respect with which they come into our world. The same feelings marked their actions. They demand the same from others and to themselves and are surprised when others do not share. They will not hesitate to tell you if they need something.

— Advanced intelligence, coupled with the development of natural morality. Intuitive ability to separate morality and ethics. Indigo Children can deny external standards by which the rest of society lives, if they are in conflict with their domestic laws. They attach to altruism, sincerity and dedication.

— They are committed to working, looking for a way to share their knowledge. But at the same time not to pass them on to those who, in their opinion, is not able to understand what they are saying.

— They have a pronounced tendency to freedom and to the creation of their living space.

— They have problems with submission to the orders that are given without explanation or choice. They will not respond to the threat of "punishment".

— They have the energy, which sometimes can not cope. They need to learn to control this energy, "grounded".

— They do not break down in a difficult situation. In the most hopeless situations, find the strength to get together and recover. They know what they want. Wills, intransigence in finding ways to implement their plans.

— They do not agree with the negative final and seek to correct the situation.

— At the same time, they are frustrating to the ritual-oriented and do not require creative thinking systems. (Frustration — a mental state that arises in a situation of frustration, non-exercise of any meaningful for human goals, needs. Manifested in the oppressive tension, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness and despair.) They just do not do the usual things, such as standing in the ranks — a problem for them.

— They are characterized by the integrity of perceiving the world.

— They feel the connection with the supreme intelligence, have hypersensitivity close to extrasensory perception.

— They seem antisocial unless they are with their own circles, among children with a similar way of thinking. In this situation, they feel that no one understands them and "go inside yourself." Therefore, it can be hard in school.

According to the Non-Commercial Partnership "intelligence" in the thinking center of nanotechnology, the problems of the Mind of Man and today there are more than 80 identified (based on knowledge of noosphere) phenomena and gifts which have a large number of Indigo children.

Among the most surprising — reading the thoughts of others, the ability to receive intuitive information about everything happening for thousands of miles, clairvoyance, precognition and prophecy …

So maybe they really are, according to some scientists, are harbingers of the emergence of the new man endowed with extraordinary spiritual powers? And even the next step in the evolution of mankind?

The reasons for this are because we have shown that the range of electromagnetic waves emanating from the body of a child with indigo, three times more than the average person. Geneticists believe that all matter in the genome.

"A new race" is different from us with their genetic code. The DNA molecule contains 64 encrypted in it codon (codon — a unit of genetic information). Normal people are 20 codons. And indigo — 35 or more.

Perhaps this is what allows them to gain new qualities. But you reserve in almost 30 codons is far from exhausted. So, you should expect to see even more children with incredible powers.

Some time ago, scientists, physiologists have tested a group of children at the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology, Russian Academy of Sciences. EEG showed that the cards of both cerebral hemispheres almost symmetrical.

This means that the indigo children emotions and logic are synchronized, creating an ideal opportunity for creativity. In other words, they have an innate propensity to innovate. And the task of adults — in time to help these possibilities open up.

As said late now scientific director of the Institute of Brain Sciences, Academician Natalya spondylitis: "These children need special attention. The consciousness sverhodarennyh children like the light, which is included in a dark room.

They can see that ordinary people do not perceive. As a serious scientist I have to say that the indigo children — this is fiction. But I'm not going to say that.

Many of today's kids exhibit the ability to predictions of the future or, on the contrary, "travel" into the past. These abilities certainly are not for everyone. This phenomenon requires the study of … ".

In general, the controversy surrounding the phenomenon of children of new consciousness does not cease, and serious research is just beginning.

Some scientists give a clear definition of the term "Indigo children", others operate this concept to all more or less intelligent, restless, wide-eyed creatures. According to the third, the Indigo children have existed in human society forever. And always it was difficult.

You can build different versions about what, when, how, and why there are Indigo children.

But the fact remains that they have been, are and will be. The fact is that, having presented them in a single, nature deprives them in another of having the amazing creativity, Indigo Children are almost always at risk of poor health, adaptation resources because they are mostly very low.

Their brains, in contrast to the common man from the brain to work very intensively, which weakens the body's defenses, and he can not resist the disease. It is no accident, because when they die young and talented, they say, "God takes the best."

Indigo children have hard time in our world. The person who has the courage to not only express their opinions openly, but also to defend his vprotvoves opinion of the majority, to put it mildly, do not like. And then she — the person — is becoming an outcast.

Otherness, strangeness, originality can not annoy society. And as a result, it rejects them. However, then, after they left, it's a society begins to understand who it lost.

Understand that those who are repelled by it, unwittingly made him — society — to catch up to their level, to new knowledge, which marked a new milestone in the development of civilization.

Think of Plato, Aristotle, Archimedes, Euclid, Avicenna, Leonardo da Vinci … Pushkin, Russian literary language which owes its birth. The Queen, go to space …

So maybe the mission of the Indigo children lies precisely in the fact that humanity is not degraded, did not turn in their development backwards, not down on all fours?!

Maybe they really heralds a new civilization, and this is their mission on Earth? Maybe they are new to mankind the gospel?

There are more questions than answers.

And the most important of them: is society prepared for the coming of the "children of the New Consciousness"? And whether or not it wants to hear the good news?

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