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At sixteen Daniel ANTONENKO of the 11th Lyceum as truancy, how much does not reach all the avid Losers-truants. And teachers are proud of it. The fact that it does not fall classes because of patrols by international Olympiads. Recently, a boy, Scholarship Fund of the President, among the ten most erudite Russian schoolchildren.

As a child, he was quite uninteresting stories. All except one about the cat-chemist who put the magic experiments. The boy dreamed that too is sure to become a scientist when it is an adult. But it all happened much earlier …

Self-taught chemist

Eleven-year … Daniel saw this book right away, as soon as she and her mother went to the store. On a shelf lay weighty tome "Chemistry. Guide for applicants. " "Ma, buy, oh please," — the boy's eyes lit up. He did not want to listen to that "small for such books." Finally persuaded.

And from that day is usually bustling Danko was not found. Quietly sitting on a book, as if rooted to her, and read, read. Procured in school uphill metodichek, started some calculations, and then suddenly signed up to the Olympics in chemistry. He, seventh graders, not even teach the subject, and he volunteered to compete with and beat all tenth graders. Small self-taught chemist has left far behind the high school first at school, then to the city and finally the All-Russian Olympiad in Astrakhan.

And went there in a bus with physicists and on the road talking to their supervisor, Professor Victor Kryshtopom with the Physics Department. He spoke so passionately about magnetic fields and optics, even more interesting than the school that Danilo was suddenly curious. When the boy returned to Rostov, first went to the library for books on physics for the tenth and eleventh grades. All of your friends are already tipped him a career chemist, and he easily switched to another science.

Again, without teachers and tutors who have completed the three classes. And here he is the absolute champion of the All-Russian Olympiad in Physics. And then he spotted Victor G. Kryshtop. Congratulated on his victory and suggested: "If you want, I'll make you this physics." Since then, he has been free of charge with the boy at the Physics Department. Young scientist in full undergraduate and masters program has already reached the international competitions.

In the summer — in the mountains in the winter — for diplomas

"Slices must be thin" — Daniel lemon slices, but not for tea. He clearly explains the original experiment with Taiwan Olympics. By order of the young scientists had to light a light bulb with citrus. It turns out that in the lemon juice has ions — charged particles. I should have guessed put these slices on electrolytes, metal plate, and connect the resulting "sandwich" the wires to the LED — lamp. In Spain, too, was a task that is associated with electricity, and he always took the gold. Medals and certificates accumulated hundreds, just at home in a prominent place no. They are all neatly stacked in a box. "Danka does not like to hang them all modest," — smiling mother, Galina V.. And very soon, the young physicist will be able to complete your collection of prizes. After the New Year in Croatia will be the largest natural science Olympiad. With all of Russia gather a team of five top scientists. And Daniel, beating thousands of competitors, already among the first applicants.
But Rostov nerd is not flimsy 'nerd', obsessed only on their studies. Playing sports, going on hikes, he particularly enjoys Arhiz. But he went to the mountains in the summer, and now, wrapped in a blanket, is preparing for the final round of qualification for the Croatian Olympic Games.

Anna Ivchenkova

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