Intellectuals concerned about the fate of Lithuania A. Fyaduta and other prisoners

Lithuanian philosopher, MEP Leonidas Donskis along with four dozen representatives of the academic world in Lithuania has sent an open letter to President Dalia Grybauskaite, urging her to apply all measures to release Alexander Fyaduta and other prisoners of the Minsk regime.

"In order that Alexander Fyaduta — a frequent and welcome guest at arganizovvanyh in Lithuania conferences, speaker of the European Humanities University, which operates in Lithuania, a man who has consistently supported the democratic processes taking place in Lithuania, we express our concern about his fate, a fortiori A. Fyaduta that has poor health. We are certainly concerned about the fate of the other detainees, but for A. Fyaduta experience especially as being a sick person, that scientist can not bear the weight of arrest, "- said in the letter.

In the open letter was signed by well-known in Lithuania scientists, university professors, writers.

On Tuesday, December 28th at 17:00 in the Old City of Artists Gallery (Senamiescio menininku galerija, Totoriu, 22) in Vilnius, Lithuanian poets and translators spend reading of solidarity with Belarusian writers.



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