Intelligence vs. Consciousness


Acquaintance with the articles Dario Salas and his books will plunge into the world of a little-known Hermetic philosophy we called in the West, "the mother of all sciences."

In the world of the psychological literature rarely come true "highlight" that can be easily understood not only skilled, but also the ordinary reader who does not have a special behind the diploma. And though at first the appearance of the book "Gipsosoznanie" has not caused a strong response in the form of a variant audiobooks "The practice of raising the level of consciousness," judging by the reviews, was one of the hits of yesteryear. Most likely, the format of audio and superior voice Klyukvin attracted additional attention to its unusual content and made work of the philosopher of Chile, Dario Salas Sommer, very popular.

I have this book at first interested in the strange word "gipsosoznanie", and only then, absorbed in a fascinating study (this study since it is not a psychological fiction for a single reading), I found that it may be the most practical guide to change in the quality of human life that ever fell into my hands. There's an interesting analogy, philosophy and explanations, as well as a series of simple and effective exercises!

But first, about the name. In the early chapters of his book, Dr. Salas enters into scientific term "gipsosoznanie"
(From the Greek hypsos — "Height") to show that a person may have a higher than accepted levels of consciousness. In this case, nothing to do with the familiar to our ears the theme of "altered state of consciousness," the term "gipsosoznanie" does not. Obviously, there are semantic complexity, lying in wait for anyone who tries to talk about consciousness, and faced me and. Therefore it is better to proceed from the definitions proposed by the author of this book to distinguish between consciousness and consciousness:


  1. Consciousness in the generally accepted sense of the psychological — A special condition that has experienced person experiences and psychological processes, sensations, memories, thoughts, feelings, desires, aspirations and strong-willed, etc.
  2. According to the provision of Hermetic Philosophy
    "Consciousness" is a product of the increased level of alertness (wakefulness), being in the "present moment" — a state which enables a daily digest experience, extracting the quintessence of experienced events. It follows that Gipsosoznanie — a special form of energy created by the man himself during the waking state, it can and should evolve in a person.
  3. The presence of Consciousness allows the person to gain wisdom and be able to act co-appreciation — that is, with knowledge-
    about their motives and induced impacts.
  4. He also believes that "we live in a conscious and intelligent universe that has a holographic structure. There is only one energy that permeates the cosmos in all its dimensions, and creates a complete unity of life "
  5. Having developed a consciousness, a person is able to unite with him through this unifying universal energy.

Returning to the subject Gipsosoznaniya, we note that we have to accept the sad conclusion of the book — there is a "monstrous deception that killed all mankind today ", and it is due "Oneyricheskoy forces have lulled the mind that interferes with the brain to function properly". To some extent, the way it is because we live in a world where the development of human intelligence is the most important. Moreover, our consciousness remains very low, about him, we know virtually nothing, and on the levels of sleep and of its nature, we know no more.

I want to clarify that according to the book, the author means by deception our "culture based on the false praise and admiration for the intellect at the expense of wisdom. Although it should be the other way around, the intellect must be subordinated to wisdom "6. Deceit can also be called the substitution of concepts — a sign of wisdom is now considered the amount of information, which is owned by a person, not the ability to process it. PrizedIQ, or IQ, which essentially reveals the extent robotic brain and human behavior, and in fact intellect without conscience is like a monkey with a grenade. Take a look around, we do indeed possess a huge amount of information, but the problems humanity is not decreasing. There is a growing number of graduate academics and doctors, but the diplomas do not bring happiness, and human philosopher, argues that the nature indifferent to our titles and ranks, each at one time before it will be responsible for the way he lived and got along with his conscience.

So, from this we can conclude that the primary task of science to discover and experimentally prove the existence of levels of human awakening and identify pathways leading to the possession of the supreme Consciousness. Of course, this completely contradicts what intelligence is our main wealth. Just think, the intellect and memory are functions of the brain, and it is logical to assume that with the death of the brain, they disappear, but if you develop a consciousness like that says Salas, maybe it will survive the physical death. Most likely, this process is the basis of the doctrine of reincarnation. In this case, much more profitable to extract wisdom from everyday life and raise consciousness than to train and deal with the accumulation of intelligence information.

It is obvious that the concept contradicts the modern education system, which is included in the business, because we consume it just like any other commercial product. If you start to build on the principle of the formation of conscious learning will collapse, many "temples of science", so do not look for a quick change, but this is still possible to simply speculate.

In order to make clear that sleep and wakefulness are one phenomenon in my book is an analogy with the thermometer in my opinion is very successful. Imagine a graduated scale, where "0" is the moment of sleep, all of which is below zero — it's a dream, and above — the awakening (waking).

We know that there is a description of the different depths of sleep: shallow and deep sleep, catalepsy. But there is no detailed description of the opposite side, that is above the zero mark.
Here the real terra incognita — domestic publications on the subject is not, there are a few overseas, but no serious conclusions about the implications and significance levels of awakening.

Imagine those who run countries, planes, ships, cities, etc. in a twilight state of consciousness, the level of which is slightly above the zero mark. Their actions run by intelligence, that is, they operate on autopilot, based on the memorized or embedded in their brain circuits! Is it because our world is going to hell? It seems that the movie "The Matrix" is not that fantastic!

For example note that before you get a driver's license, or permit the use of weapons, we have to take exams to prove that you're not crazy. Who checks the deputies, ministers, presidential candidates? They also choose the crowd, and how wise are the decisions that took the crowd? You can recall that even the founder of social psychology, Gustave Le Bon paid attention that in a crowd of people become very easily suggestible, as if hypnotized. Imagine a crowd of electoral brainwashed (implants behavior), which is "free to choose" the most publicized policy. Could she make the right choice? Probably not, but the country (or region) will get a new leader election staff found that the most successful ways of duping voters. And suddenly it because of their psychological problems, but still having a developed intellect, and came to power, the harm to people or unleash a war?

Theoretically, possession of intellect can successfully address many of the issues, but a very intelligent man most often being mentally unstable, depending on the circumstances of their own emotions and impulses. Somehow N. spondylitis in one of his last interviews, said that the brain — it is the perfect device in the universe and it is only God could have created. Why, then, an excellent brain structure does not allow us to reasonably co-exist? Why is there so much destruction and death, injustice and evil, addiction and perversion? What's missing from modern man to take full advantage of their intelligence? We conclude that the only logical explanation for the modern ills of our civilization is just a statement of Dario Salas LOW LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS person. In his book he writes: "The higher the level of human consciousness, the more fully he uses his intellectual abilities, the closer it is to reality, the more easily overcome their internal conflicts and the easier it is to him to know the truth. "

Consider the relationship between consciousness (not psychological) and Intelligence, following the logic of the author of the book.

As we have learned, Consciousness and Intelligence — not one and the same. Intelligence is a function of the brain, whereas Consciousness
function of the state of awakening
. Intellectual does not necessarily conscious. Moreover, the level of alertness in a very educated people tend to be lower than that of illiterate peasants. An educated person is almost completely devoid of conscious "I" because it has a large "cultural implant", therefore, the whole modern system of education, as I wrote above, built on a hypnotic memorizing, creating ideal robots (and obedient consumers) with a single program behavior. And only a few are able to get out of the program, but they will have to go against the crowd.

And another quote: "To achieve a high level of consciousness, you must first achieve a high level of alertness,
since the latter avoids oneyricheskuyu component of the psyche and the conscious exercise training on the basis of deep reasoning, forming a "Higher Self." Reasonable, but the sleeping man will not be able to achieve a high level of consciousness, if it is not fully awake. Waking up not easy to achieve, since the ability of ordinary people are useless, and he has to strengthen its "I", this little piece, I oneyricheskim suppressed. (Oneyroid — snovidnoe dizziness spontaneously arising from the influx of fantastic ideas, dreams). "

Here is just some amazing findings and conclusions that emerged after reading some of the work of Chilean philosopher. I would be grateful for your response to those who care about this issue, and perhaps, with whose help will open a new topic for discussion.

February 2010

Viktor Kuznetsov

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