Interior Feng Shui


Around furnishings and under them leave some free space — the furniture is therefore preferable to the legs, to qi to circulate freely in space. High furniture — cabinets, cabinets for dishes, shelves — do not place next to the door or on the sides of the window. And, of course, all the furniture and appliances should be used to get rid of unnecessary things better.

Placing furniture, remember that it should not hinder the free movement of chi (positive energy) through the rooms. You can not cram a massive apartment furniture. According to Feng-Shui-in wardrobes, chests of drawers, large sofas better set along the walls. You can arrange the lighting inside the cabinets, so that the space inside them to feel the impact of qi. But create a niche in the premises of emptiness, which may arise sha (negative energy).

Bedding, according to experts, so does your love life. It should look the part: tempting to place enough for two people, with linen warm, but not aggressive black or red tones, be sure to pleasantly scented. And there is nothing under the bed!

Any symbols of aggression, disease, as well as things that cause you to feel resentment, fear, reminiscent of the death and destruction have no place in the apartment. Feng Shui welcomes the image conjures up bright thoughts that cause pleasant memories. Still lifes in the kitchen or dining room can increase the welfare of the family, painted flowers, as well as live, bring prosperity to the house.

Feng Shui experts, as well as all the decorators of the world, paying special attention to color.

White color in large quantities is not recommended for bedrooms — it kills the love life.

Dark green is too heavy for the interior decoration, but the fresh green is perfect for the bedroom. Also it is used to activate the career field.

Gray is bad for a person, both in the physical and psychological aspects.

The orange color is good to use at home to get rid of feelings of fear, fear of the dark.

Purple is used to enhance the social status and wealth (no wonder it was worn kings).

Pink and peach colors enhance the mutual feelings of married couples.

Terracotta color evokes a sense of security, it can be used in the films deposited at the entrance to trigger a sense of security.

Lemon awakens the spirit, select it in the baby's room decoration for employment or study.

How many tips! It seems easy to get confused: the rules, colors, furniture … I would like to perfect the interior, but it turns out everyone in the house contrary to feng shui, psychology and basic interior design rules … Do not panic! You can always start with an almost imperceptible change for the better, and then see what happens. A fashion, science and the arts will be your guides on this interesting way …

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